Brand Marketing & CX

Mobile Services

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Developing a responsive website with a mobile-first approach is absolutely crucial going forward. This helps in internet searches and engaging with new customers. On the other hand, progressive mobile apps are powerful tools for increasing retention, since it allows to send notifications & staying in touch with the customers.

Mobile Strategy

From the desktop to mobile, it’s quickly become more important than the desktop. You need a mobile strategy for your business or you may be losing sales and customers. Consumers spend 80% of their time on apps and 20% on mobile browsing according to Flurry. An impressive 17% of our mobile actions happen within the Facebook app and has become the most adopted mobile browser in terms of consumer time. ICAM assists with getting the right strategy & be future digital ready.

  • Mobility Assessment & Research
  • UX/CX Design
  • BYOD
  • Mobile Security
  • Managed Mobility

Mobile UX / CX Design

The mobile UX / CX has changed drastically over time and so have the devices. ICAM Digital can help design user friendly mobile customer experiences. Button-less UI is the first step towards virtual interfaces and gestures. ICAM Digital uses font sizes & styles to create visual hierarchy without cluttering the already small screens.  

  • Customer Journey & User Stories
  • Information Architecture & Wireframes
  • Visual Design Mock-Ups & Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • High Fidelity & Responsive Designs

App Development

ICAM Digital specializes in building native apps for IOS & Android phones. We build engaging user friendly apps with the ease of use in mind.

  • Mobile App Development ( IOS, Android, Windows, Native, Hybrid, Low Code & Web Apps)
  • Backend & Integration
  • Solution Testing
  • Operations & Maintenance

Mobile Communication

Users ask simple questions like “Having trouble with my reservation?” for which chatbots scan for keywords and try to match them with its dataset. Usually, one of the keywords would be a match and the chatbot would give users an answer. The key element here is context. Chatbots run on context, as they are in a closed domain. Chatbots help in reducing the number of apps we use. Services such as booking hotel rooms and flight tickets, buying movie tickets etc. can be done using one app. Chatbots can easily track customer responses and feedback.

  • Notifications & Messaging
  • Chatbots
  • App Store Management